lördag 21 december 2013

Working out procedures

Two weeks went so fast in Mwanza and the days were filled with working out procedures. A lot of walking under the hot Tanzanian sun, doing family visits, and I get to understand the volunteers struggling every day. Social work is more of social walk...and time would be used more efficiently if we had a vehicle.
                                          Social "walk"
                                          Lucie is doing well with her poultry

 Parent support meeting Dec 5th with 14 parents participating

16 parents have got training and micro credits from Ni Hekima Pekee, via the sponsors of Mwembe and they have been going on since July this year. The parents have been visitied and provided with councelling in their small entrepeneurship during the first months. At the moment a local volunteer studying social work, Itogoro, assists them if needed.
61 families are registered , included 75 kids not in school, so we still have a long road to walk. Local volunteers are continuosly registering the needs on our two first streets in Butimba.

Some of the parents have started to pay back. They have 8-12 months time to pay and the rate is 1% only. They are signing contracts with Ni Hekima Pekee. After the credit is paid, there is  a greater possibility to get a bank account. Which is of great value for the supported in order to go on with their economical activities.

The questions put in the meeting was mostly about their children, especially from some with disabled childrens – how can we support them. One woman, who has still not got the micro credit was asking when she can start.

We need more funds for the parent support! It is extremely important to also help the parents to become self supportive and in that way reduce the poverty and create  stronger members of the community.

Miro is going on with drama classes in Tambukareli Primary and the plan is to have a performance 17th of January. Ria is doing a short film of the process. The activity was presented in a teachers meeting and also the positive effects it has upon the kids with higher self esteem and capacity to concentrate on their school work.
The plan now is to find a local person with skills in drama and stage performance to go on with the sessions at least once a week when Miro leaves in January.

The kids are also active in writing the play and coming up with different suggestions.
Name of the play is "The day when the sun was not going down." Supervisor/translater for Miro is Abdallah, coordinator of theater groups in the Mwanza region.

Fotot nedan taget av Ria Backstrom
Right now preparations are done for sharing school supplies to 15 kids, thanks to sponsors during this year.

More news in a while :)