fredag 29 mars 2013

Hello from Mwanza!

We are Sofia and Linnea, and we are working as volunteers for Mwembe and Ni Hekima Pekee organsisation here in Mwanza, Tanzania. We have been working here since 4th of March and will be staying til the 30 of May. We are both 21-year-old girls. We are coming from  Finland and we study social services at Novia university of applied sciences.
We have had the great pleasure of getting to do a lot of creative work with the children. We have been at Tambukareli primary school working with about 20 vulnerable children using creative thinking and methods. We like to play a bit of their own, local, games and have also introduced them to a few new games. We have also focused a lot on getting their imagination to come out through drawings, playing with clay and making drama. The children seem to like being creative and we have seen a lot of beautiful drawings, clay figures and one very interesting drama-sketch. Trough creative methods we can reach the children, give them a chance to raise their talents and also to get them to trust in us. We want to raise the children's voices and give them a chance to express themselves and their situation.

We have also been working with the disabled children at Iseni school. We have focused on crea
tive work with these children too, but we are trying to adjust the tasks in such a way that they fit the childrens competenses and that they can feel that they are good at what they do. We have been doing macrame-bracelets, playing with clay, drawing and playing games. We will also start focusing on such issues as feelings and hygiene, and try to get the children to learn the importance of being clean and also that the children learn to recognize feelings in both other children and themselves. There are 20 children registered in the class but only 7 is attending regularly. We are now planning to visit the families with the children, that are not attending, to see where the problem is and how we could help.
The children are really talented and eager to learn new things, they are really nice to work with and we have a really positive feeling about the work we are doing together with these children. We can see how proud they are about their creations and how their self-esteem is starting to develop. We are enjoying our time here in Mwanza and we love to work with the children and seeing the progress and confidence growing in the children.
Sofia and Linnea

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