fredag 9 november 2012

Butimba parent support

Work is going on in Mwanza. Me and Emma are here to plan activities and our support to Ni Hekima Pekee and Roots and Culture Foundation. We have joined parent support group meetings. The parents to the vulnerable children are dividied into small groups where they themselves come up with ideas how they can generate their own income and solve other eventual problems in the family. The intention is to support them with loans.Through councelling and guiding they should find ways to be selfsustainable and to better living conditions. The material needs are many. Some of the children lives at their neighbours or with relatives because of too small space in the house. They sleep on mats, some families also lack food support. These living conditions leads to health problems.

Still there are children in Butimba not attending school. Which means we need school supplies.
Education is our first priority but we will now also start to provide the families with support to improve their income. The amounts asked for range from 25 - 250 euro.

On monday Ni Hekima Pekee will start a training programme in entrepeneursship with volunteering teachers so this will not cause any other costs than pens and papers. The course is for one week per each group.

In January we will start to support Ni Hekima Pekee with funds for loans. For that we need to raise funds now. The number of households attending this support program about 30.

We will soon be back with more information about Roots and Culture Foundation program.

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